Everything You Need to Know About Forest Schools

By Gretchen Ferguson


We've enlisted the help of forestry professors, arborists, and biologists to try and define the forest school. But beyond the definitions created by experts, we also explored the concept of a forest school from the point of view of a child. After all, that's why we're here.

Forest school emerged because the initial founders were inspired by the world around them. These schools persist because research shows that our early childhood educational experience are stifling and can damage  children's overall well-being academically and emotionally. Forest schools do more than offer and an alternative option for students: they rescue children from an educational path that leads to poorer outcomes.

About Gretchen Ferguson 

Gretchen Ferguson lives in Asheville, NC and has three kids and 3 dogs. During the day she is a reading specialist at a local school and also runs a local composting service.

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